A forum for players of Street Fighter Online, and members of the New Generation Clan.
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-------------- If you are in Clan Battles use Yahoo Messenger or Windows Live Messenger so your opponents can contact you at all times. --------------






New Generation Badges












Leaders Custom Badges









Vet Custom Badges








Other NG Badges








Superior Loyalty Badges








Loyalty Badges








Design Badges






Seasoned Fighters Badges








Ally Badges









Various Rare / Very Rare Badges







Various Common / Uncommon Badges













C - common


U - uncommon


R - rare


SR - super rare


ER - epic rare



















**Badge Rareness**




common - Anyone can have this badge, and it is not hard to come by.



uncommon - Uncommon badges are easy to obtain, but take a little work.



rare - These badges are well earned. They really say something about the person.



super rare - Badges of this description are extremely rare and should be appreciated.



epic rare - These epic badges are the stories of legendz.







**Clan Battles / Fighting**




*EPIC Clan KILLA / AKA BattleMasta - (coming soon) Layed waste to armies in clan battles. Untouchable...


*Elite Clan KILLA - (coming soon) Well known everywhere for laying waste to clans. A Beast.


Superior Clan KILLA - Killed many many foes in clan battles.


Clan KILLA - Killed many member of clans in battles and in general.


Seasoned Fighters - Those who have fought in clan battles and prevailed, over time.


Flawless Fighter - Expert in combat and fatal to encounter to say the least.










Superior Loyalty - Those who have proved their worth and loyalty to the clan over a long long time.


Loyalty - Proven to be loyal in respect to the clan over a long period of time.


Superior Ally Loyalty - Shown their respect and friendship to NG for many a moons.






**Graphic Design**




Designer - Shown their talent and devotion to making graphics for the clan when needed.


Elite Designer - Expert in graphic design and devoted to making such for the clan when needed.














Balanced Fighter - Knowing the balance of the Soul, determined not to waver.


Chill Pill - A very cool person to be around. Chill in general.


Consistent Poster - Has been consistent as a poster for a long long time.


Dangerous Member - A dangerous asset to the clan, whether in a good way, or a bad.


Deadly Fighter - Expert in war and vanquishing opponents. None the like.


Fast & Furious - Loves to fight fast and drive furious.


Humor - Knows how to pull a laugh when needed, and has a good sense of humor.


Juggy KING - None other than MasterRIP


Laid Back NG - Never forget HBK. You heard? Chill everytime...


Most Accurate - Almost always right, in more ways than one.


Most Anticipated Return - Most expected and accepted return from departure.


Most Beastly - Unchained, and untamed. this is the most Beastly.


Most Confident - Superior in confidence, pride, and not affraid to show it.


Most Dangerous Ally - The most dangerous ally in relation to other clans.


Most Diverse - Dynamic in more ways than one. Very down to earth.


Most Infernal - From the depths of darkness, the darkest of clan members. Hells Wheels.


Most Innovative - Incredibly creative and supportive of the clan and the most helpful with ideas.


Most Laid Back NG - Riptor. Hes the most LAID BACK NG..


Most Missed Clan Fighter - Expert in clan battles, and missed.


Most Missed Clan Member - Great NG person, but Missing in Action till further notice.


Most Notorious - Most banned, and infamous NG.


NG Vet - Legend in NG and been around from the early days. One of the few that is not a leader.


Notorious Leader - Cannot be touched. Dont mess with the best...






* - Coming soon...