A forum for players of Street Fighter Online, and members of the New Generation Clan.
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-------------- If you are in Clan Battles use Yahoo Messenger or Windows Live Messenger so your opponents can contact you at all times. --------------




"NG Ranks"






Founders - Riptor and Skillz


Supreme Advanced Member - Ramp


Co-Leader - Spinal and Lucario


Super Advanced Members - The Elite of the Elite - VETS and the Earned ONLY (Super MODS)


Elite VETERANS - The Elite of the VETERANS (MODS)


Elite Members - The New and Upcoming Veterans


Advanced Members - Members who have been around a while, and have been active.


Members - Official Members (though they are new, they are respected)








"Fighting Class Ranks"




Elite Hero - at least 25 clan battle wins


Elite Champion - at least 10 clan batte wins (Skillz)


Hero - at least 5 clan battle wins (Smooth and God_Ryu)


Champion - at least 1 clan battle win




Congrats to all those who have advanced in Rank, but remeber we are all equal, reguardless of rank, but they are there for reasons. (So each can do their part, whatever it may be)


8) 8) 8)